Homemade Graffiti Stencils - Funny Clown

Homemade Graffiti Stencils - Funny Clown. Decorating house can be perform in many ways. Making graffiti is a good idea to have your own creation. Moreover if you can make your diy homemade graffiti stencils. And here I give you a funny pattern stencil for your bedroom graffiti.

How To Make Homemade Graffiti Stencils - Step By Step

Homemade Graffiti Stencils
Homemade Graffiti Stencils

Actually there are a lot of people who has the same question "how to make homemade graffiti stencils". The truth making graffiti stencil is easy.

1. Material

There are some material you can use to make graffiti stencil. Cardboard is the common material. Other material such as hard paper, rigid plastic, used food boxes and other. It is better to use material as the used one, not the new one.

Graffiti Stencils Gas Mask

2. Drawing

Now you need to draw on one side of the material above. If you thing you can not draw well, you can download the pattern as available in this graffiti stencil download blog. Pencil is a good tool to make line on the cardboard. You can download the funny clown as sample above. But in this downloaded material, you will not find watermark and url link.

3. Cut Out

If you think the pattern you draw of from download graffiti stencil is enough, you can cut out the cardboard by following the line. Cut out the cardboard carefully.

Graffiti Stencils For Beginners

4. Spray Painting

After cutting out the cardboard is finished, you can start to spray paint your bedroom wall with your stencil.

That is all step by step how to make homemade graffiti stencil with funny clown.

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